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    Making Button links within a movie clip

      I am attempting to learn more Flash in general and actionscript in particular. I have created a flash piece that consists of 4 buttons within a movie clip that is being masked by another movie clip. One movie is the set of 4 buttons. The other movie is a "spotlight" that moves with the cursor. As the spotlight shines on each button, the button's text changes color and is "lit up".The Over state of each button is set to cause the button to change color. When I put a keyframe in the Down state of each button in order to add actionscript to create the action that makes the button clickable to take the viewer to a web page, it tells me that no actions can be given to this Down state. If I try using Behaviors to accomplish the same thing, it tells me that Behaviors are not supported. If I put actionscript into the actions layer of the timeline, it does not do the required action, i.e. clicking on the buttons leads nowhere. I have tried moving the actionscript before, between, and after the setInterval and setMasker actionscript that controls the interaction between the two movie clips (which work perfectly). I have tried inserting an actions layer into the button movie clip--same result--nothing. I have tried putting the actionscript in the second frame of the actions layer (both in the main timeline and in the movie clip), all to no avail. I did give each button an instance name and used them in the actionscript.

      Here is the actionscript I am using for one of the buttons:
      book.onPress = function(){

      I do not get an error message with this actionscript. I just don't get sent to the web page. I am using Flash 8.

      What else I should be doing? Is this a problem because the cursor is already attached to an action? I am sure that this must be possible, if only I knew more.

      Thanks for helping.