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    Trouble launching project


      Opening AE project on Mac Pro 2010.  Project file and media are on Gtech firewire drive.  Project gets to 98% then stops and hangs Project originated on Mac Pro 2009.  Both Macs running OSX 10.6.4 and CS5 Build 10.0.1.  Opening on Mac Pro 2009 works fine.  If I copy AE project file to Mac Pro 2010 desktop and disconnect firewire drive, project will open (missing media).  Project will not open on Mac Pro 2010 from firewire drive or desktop if drive is connected.

           What is happening when project launch gets to 98%?  Is it looking for media, trying to write to firewire drive?

      When it fails, it writes a file about 50kb in size named same as project with _1 appended to the end to the same location as the project file.  It doesn't do this if project opens successfully.




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          Check your media cache settings. Also make sure you are turning off MP rendering. Very much sounds like it is looking for some conform files or trying to create an individual copy for a secondary instance of AE with MP and then cannot copy the media alongside...