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    Auto page numbering equation

    Bryan Gray

      I do a weekly 32-page magazine that, in addition to regular page numbers, has a continuous page numbering sequence that starts at the beginning of the year and continues with each subsequent issue. So each page needs to display two page numbers e.g. 3 and (1099). I'm wondering if it's possible to script an equation that would calculate [current page number + x] so I could set the value of x when I start each issue to automatically insert the correct running page number.

      Or maybe there's another obvious solution. I figured out a method that works using a numbered list but it's rather clumsy and has some potential pitfalls.

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          So does a script.


          It's fairly easy to write a script that calculates "current page number plus x" but as soon as this number is placed unto a page, it becomes 'fixed' data -- it won't automatically get adjusted when you add or remove pages. The custom numbering workaround has the advantage the numbers do run on ...

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