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    Fireworks Imports - Replacing Tables with Divs

    mansizetissues Level 1

      Hi folks,


      I love Fireworks to bits but it's intergration with DW is slowly driving me nuts.


      Take a look at the code for www.total-formula1.com


      I've imported a nav section, top bar and footer from Fireworks - which (IMHOP) look great until you look at the code.


      Then it becomes a mess of tables and spacer gif's.


      I've tried importing as CSS with images but it looses behaviours.


      Am I kidding myself. Do I have to split it all up and use DW to perform rollovers?


      Thoughts, help or a loaded shotgun welcome.

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Fireworks CSS and Images export does not support Javascript. Same with States, if I recall. CSS and Images will not export out anything but the current state. You would have to add that code (CSS or JS) in by using Dreamweaver or another editor.


          If properly set up, you may be able to export the entire page as CSS and images, then only have to add in the CSS to create the mouseover effect, after they've been exported as graphics.




          Jim Babbage