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    Problem with Audio


      Hello all,


      New to this forum and any help would be greatly appreciated.  My problem is, I am using Premiere Elements 8, and this is what I am failing to accomplish;  I shot a video, and in the scene a person is on the phone.  We recorded the responses of the person he is on the phone with to add in later as a seperate audio file.  However, during shooting, when the person on camera said his lines, someone off camera spoke the lines that will be added in later as a file, to prompt the actor on camera.  I need to remove the audio in which you can hear someone off camera reciting those lines.


      Now, I looked for answers elsewhere first, and one that seemed fairly promising was a youtube video that suggested splitting the clips, so that you have a particular clip of just the person off-camera speaking, and in the timeline, remove the audio from that clip.  Now this seemed perfect, but the problem is I can not split the clips.  In the 'Scene Line' it does infact show it as a split clip, but when I go to 'Time Line', it it is still one giant clip and removing audio in any way does it for the entire project.  Please help, I am sure it is something simple that I just do not know, but this is really the only speed bump holding this project back, the rest should be a breeze after this so I am very anxiously trying to get past this.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          You will want to do this in Timeline View Mode.


          There, Alt-click on your Audio (the one long Clip), and use the Scissors/Razor to Cut where the "off-camera" lines begin, and then again, where they end. Repeat for the entire Clip. Just Delete/Clear the sections that you have cut out.


          One comment is that you probably have some ambient room noise in those places. I know that you will be replacing those with the recorded "response" Clips, but you might want to see if you do not have some room ambiance, so that there is not too different a background sound. Just something to think about.


          Good luck,



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            Sean415 Level 1

            Thank you so much, sir!  That indeed was the solution!

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              You are most welcome.


              For similar, I have also processed the "response" Audio in Audition, to make it sound a bit like it was coming over the telephone.


              Good luck,