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    Slideshow file: how to work within Dreamweaver?


      I have tried to create a slideshow in Fireworks. I have also done the same automated slideshow/gallery creation in Bridge. Neither of them are working when I try to use them in conjunction with the rest of the site, which is done in Dreamweaver. I've checked all of my links, the site is set up locally (root folder on my hard drive) and I've tried several different things. But when I test it, the slideshow doesn't work...the imported graphics links (logo, for example) are missing.


      Can it be an issue with the file either Fireworks or Bridge creates for the slideshow is "index.html" which obviously is the name of the home page?


      I can't even add a masthead or logo on top and a graphic button link on the bottom to return to the page that would send users back to the main page.


      Extremely frustrated at this point. Help please!  -Julie