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    IE 8 keeps asking to install Adobe flash player


      Hi All


      My system profile is:


      Windows 7 (64 bit)

      Sony  Series laptop

      Intel core I5 540M

      Internet Explorer 8

      All Windows and IE updates done to date

      HP Desk-jet All-in-one software


      I have installed and uninstalled and re-installed Adobe Flash player several times and still i get recurring requests to download Flash Player when a website needs to download and play video. I have reviewed several forum discussions on the subject and done the following: deleted the download manager files. uninstalled flash player and closed down as many running programs linked to flash player as I can, and reinstalled etc.. I can see Flash Player as an installed program under Programs and Features in Control Panel, but i cannot find Shockwave flash in my add-ons to enable it in my Internet options.


      I also found two folders under my Windows\downloaded programs named "Conflict.1" and "Conflict.2", each one containing a copy of Adobe Flash Player installer folder downloaded, so in all I have 3 copies of the downloaded installer folder. I have a feeling I need to delete/uninstall at least two of them. but I don't want to continue without advice so I don't get stuck in another cycle of install and re-installs, as part of my flash player installation I have to reinstall the whole HP set of software etc.


      I also use Uniblue Rgistry booster and i do regular daily regsitry reviews, could that have soenthing to do with having "erased" my Shockwave settings or having disappeared, thye were there when I re-installed Flash PLayer the last time.


      Could anyone show me what i'm doing worng and what to do next to get Flash Player installed and working correctly. I saw on some other discussions forums people saying that Windows 7 and Flash PLayer are not compatible, but I cannot believe either Adobe or Microsoft would leave this problem unresolved for so long.


      Thanks !!

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, If you don't have the Shockwave Flash Object Installed and Enabled in Run without Permissions or All add ons under "Show" then that would be a problem. Look in Tools, Manage Add ons, Toolbars & Extensions. About mid way down you'll see Show(light text) Look in those 4 categories for it.


          You need to use the Administrator Account to Install Flash Player. HP has some type of Scan, Preventive Scan? I heard that can interfere.


          Do you have any Anti-Virus that would block the ActiveX Control? In Tools, Internet Options, under Security you need it set to Medium for the Internet Zone.


          Win7 and Flash Player are most certainly compatible. Can't believe everything you read:-)






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            araman11 Level 1



            Thank you for your reply. sorry I checked so late for response. have been ill.


            Right, I corrected one stupid mistake I was making, so I do have Shockwave Flash Object, it was just not showing under Currently Loaded Addons. Check one. Three to go:


            1. My virus and firewall software is Zone Alarm 2010, which has given me other types of problems but we resolved those a few weeks ago. is there anything specific I should be looking for? I do get the Active x Control band coming up every so often and it gives me a chance to download file or open program or whatever, so that can't be it or can it? Sometimes I don't get the Active-X Control band on top, is it may be intermittent?


            2. I am the only operator on my laptop and my password is an administrator password every time I check on it. But every so often it does still ask me to log on as administrator. does it not detect automatically that I am administrator? Also my Internet Options security setting is on Medium, has always been.


            3. HP software conflict. I have suspected this because I do get a problem with the scan function, in fact I had one just now, after scanning one page it hung and told me it could not take on the next page because another program is using the device. I have looked up on HP website help pages, and the long and short of it is you have to uninstall and reinstall. But on what way this is related to my Flash Player problem, I'm not sure. all I know is that whenever I have to reinstall flash player i have to redo the whole HP process, which is quite lengthy because it is an All-in-one type of software with several steps and takes about an hour.


            Thanks for reassuring me that Adobe and Microsoft are responsible enough to make their latest software versions compatible.


            Does this info give you more insite into my problems?


            many thanks


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              araman11 Level 1

              Hi Again


              I just tried Internet Explorer by specifically "running as administrator", and it still asks me to download Adobe Flash Player for any video.




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                eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                Hi, thanks for the add'l info. Glad you found the Shockwave Flash Object and that it is enabled. I'm not sure why you are receiving the notices to Install Flash Player. We need to see what has been Installed.


                Go to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash  Open Flash and post back all files listed there, with version numbers.



                If you have the correct Flash Player files Installed then for some reason the websites are not detecting the Shockwave Flash Object in the browser.


                That HP Preventive Scan may be conflicting. We'll see about that once you post back your Flash files. The Zone Alarm very well may be conflicting with the Preventive Scan, especially if the Scan runs in the background.






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                  araman11 Level 1



                  After all that I uninstalled and cleaned up all the Flash Player as well as HP software drivers. I had already uninstalled the download managers so I had to reinstall download managers separately because flash player would not install automatically. and I think that's what did it. also, the fact that I installed HP All-in-one software after doing everything else probably helped the fact that Flash Player now talks to everything perfectly.


                  My problems seem to be solved for the moment but I don't know exactly which solution worked, it was just thorough systematic uninstall, clean up and re-install in the right order?? if this helps anybody good luck.


                  and thanks for your patience Blondie (i finally figured it out).


                  If my preventive scan problem comes back I'll get back on line with you.


                  thanks a lot


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                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                    Hi, I think you are correct in assuming it was doing everything in the proper order. It appears there were several things in play. Having a clean Uninstall is most important and by clean I mean all previous Flash files are removed before trying to Install. Also the way your HP is configured seems to be important also. I use a Dell and don't need to do that and can't address that, although I'm aware of it from other users.


                    Yes, you can always post to your thread anytime you want or need to. I'd keep an eye on that Preventive Scan also, especially relating to Zone Alarm.



                    Oh, yes "Blondie", LOL



                    Thanks for the feedback, glad it's working now.