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    Site Templates

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      I've worked through various Flex/FB4 training but now am looking to build a site for my first client. I know FB4 has various "themes" that can be applied (to components) but is there not a way to use pre-created site "templates" such as available at http://www.templatemonster.com/flash-templates.php ???


      Specifically I am not a graphic designer/music editor and it seems the templates above have:


        Sources Available: .HTML; .PSD;.FLA;.SWF


      Obviously they thus can open and be edited in flash professional but can this translate into any sort of usefulness/import to flex?  Or are there analogous flex "templates" I could purchase somewhere?


      I'm a bit lost so any comments are appreciated . . .

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          bump . . .  (or at least can flex/flashbuilder4 experts suggest how they "start" a project -- do you build all the graphics/look and feel from scratch or do you do all the customization in flex .css or do you primarily use flex to build only component(s) with the images etc built in html?)