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    What is the best video format for importing into After Effects CS5

    rowby Level 1

      Please look at this video, work in progress.




      The opening, featuring a ribbon of videos, was created in After Effects, using Digieffects Freeform.


      The  issue is the poor quality of the videos that are featured in the  opening -- compared to the higher quality of videos from the original Premiere  project., which you can see at the end of the clip.


      To create the After Effects project, I exported a series of video clips from Premiere  to mp4.


      Then I imported them into AfterEffects.

      The bottom line, and the purpose of this question, is I am thinking that  MP4 was not the best choice for the Adobe Premiere export.


      What  is the best format to export video from in Premiere Pro CS5 to import  into after effects, or to import into any other editing program,  incuding importing right back into Adobe Premiere, if that is eever  needed.






      And any other settings that will result with the highest qualiity videos for importing.