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    Looking for Portable Raid 1 eSATA drive system

    Bagram Bill

      Need help finding and selecting a portable data solution.  I need a 4 - 8 (more if possible) TB Raid 1 drive setup for use in the field on a long term project.  I am currently using a G-Safe with Raid 1 using 2x2 TB drives.  I was going to purchase multiples of additinal drives for this setup and just change them out as the drives became full.  However I would now like to have the convenience of more footage online at one time.  Now when I say "Portable" that is flexible, less than 30 lbs. would be ideal....  Any and all thoughts are appreciated...  


      This would be used with a laptop eSata connection without "port multiplier".


      Bill Skinner

      On assignment - Afghanistan