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    variable and text question as3




      I have three vars:


      var textMessage1 = "Text 1";

      var textMessage2 = "Text 2";

      var textMessage3 = "Text 3";


      I have another var which increases it's value by one every time I run through a particular frame:


      nextText = 1;



      I have a text box - textBox - that I want to display "Text 1" if nextText = 1, or "Text 2" if nextText = 2



      I'm having trouble getting textBox to display what I want (it's formatting and everything else has been set up correctly, as typing textBox.text = "blah"; displays "blah".


      This is incorrect, but how do I get it to display - textBox.text = [textMessage+nextText];  ?


      I have tried textBox.text = ["textMessage"+nextText]]; but I get told there's a no such variable as textMessage, which is true.


      I have tried different versions of the above, but I haven't got it right - any ideas how to?