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    Exporting to a File

      Ideally outputting to an xml file is where I am headed but if there is something that wouldbe better I am open to suggestions.

      My first question is s simple yes or no - Can you export the contents of the output window? ie. If I wanted to have all my traced objects in a file outside the flash that was created dynamically when the swf ran.

      If the answer to this is no then what would be the best way to store the data inside flash until I was ready to dump it to an XML or possibly a PHP script or ASP script?
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          Rothrock Level 5
          Well you can always copy and paste from the output window. Or the output window menu does have a save to file. But I don't know anyway to do it automattically from Flash – maybe JSFL? But that is really only a solution if you are needing to generate these files yourself for later use. Trying to train a client – or heaven forbid a coworker – to do that would be nearly impossible. :)

          The only other solution would be some external script and a server of some sort, which I don't know much about.

          Depending upon your needs you could keep the information in XML or an Array within Flash. There are some fairly advanced XML APIs out there that seem to be popular, but I haven't used them.