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    Property value of a validator for a radio button group

    webvalue Level 1

      I have problem in giving the property value of a validator for a radio button group. In the third line below, I tried "text, "String", "Object", "RadioButton", or "RadioButtonGroup" etc., but none of them work.

      var booleanValidator:Validator = new Validator;
      booleanValidator.source = Licensed;
      booleanValidator.property = "";
      booleanValidator.required = true;
      booleanValidator.requiredFieldError = "Licensed field is required.";

      validatorResult = booleanValidator.validate();

      below is the radio button group code:

      <mx:FormItem label="Licensed?" required="true" direction="horizontal">
      <mx:RadioButtonGroup id="Licensed" selectedValue="{memData.Licensed}"/>
      <mx:RadioButton groupName="Licensed" value="y" label="Yes"/>
      <mx:RadioButton groupName="Licensed" value="n" label="No"/>
      </mx:FormItem> Text