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    how can i change the levels of audio effects desired on my video like reverb or delay?

    saraysounds Level 1

      I have been trying to find the options where you can change the level of audio effect e.g reverb that im using on my project.  I also have problems in finding how i can control the volume fade on a specific video section.  I can add volume fade by clicking the purple fade in or out button, but i dont know how to apply the amount of fade i want or how to remove the fade in /out from that section?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          These are both covered pretty thoroughly in my books, if you're interested, Saray. They're available on Amazon.com and at Premiere Elements support  site Muvipix.com.



          You control the levels and qualities of Reverb by applying the effect to a clip and then opening the clip's Properties panel (either by clicking the Edit Effects button in the Effects panel or by right-clicking on the clip and selecting Show Properties). Once you've got the Properties panel open, click the little white triangle to open the Reverb's settings and either adjust the dials manually or select from the preset drop-down menu to the right of the effect's listing.


          As for controlling audio levels at specific spots, this is most easily accomplished by using Audio Keyframes. To use them, select a clip on the Timeline with the CTI playhead positioned over it and then click the Add Keyframe button to the left of the audio track. This will create a little white diamond on the yellow horizontal line that represents the audio level. By adding keyframe dots and adjusting their heights on the track, you can precisely control your clips' audio levels.


          There are other more or less automatic ways to do this too, and I cover them in my books. But they're a bit beyond the scope of a simple answer on a forum.


          While you're on Muvipix.com, by the way, you can check out the dozens of tutorials are tips articles. Especially if you're a novice user, you'll find them very helpful. If nothing else, type "Basic Training" in the product search box and you'll find our free, basic tutorial series for a number of products.