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    Drop cap quotation marks

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      I want to include quote boxes in a document I am creating in ID CS4. I want to make the quotation mark at the start of the quote large. I am using drop cap, but unlike letters, the drop cap causes the quotation mark to have huge white space udnerneath it and not wrap around the alrger character like it would with letters.


      How do I prevent the white space under the quotation mark?


      I quickly typed out an example of the kind of thing I am tryign to do, showing the white space under the quotation mark which I am trying to avoid



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          Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Drop caps work per line. So if you have a quote mark that drops 2 or more lines the text gets indented.


          A better way to do this is create a character style for quotation marks.



          Your body text needs to have an aboslute leading value - that is don't set the LEading to Auto.


          If it's 10 pt type, then perhaps use a 16pt leading for the body text.

          Character style settings for quotes mark

          Now with the Quotation mark increase the font size, and use a Negative value for the Baseline Shift



          But the problem with this now is that if the quote mark is at the start of a text frame the text drops way down.



          So for Text Frames you need to go to the Object>Text Frame Objects and go to the Baseline tab in the options, set the first baseline to Leading.



          Make sure you use styles for the Quotes, styles for text frames, styles for your body text etc (this will speed up the process)

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            markwill_2112 Level 1



            That did the trick. Thanks very much - most helpful and well explained.


            I need to elarn more about styles.

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              If you actually want the Quote to surround more than the first line you can put it in a separate text frame and paste that inline at the start of the paragraph, then add some text wrap, but you'll probably have to play with negative values for wrap below to eliminate the white space.