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    FMS4 and NAT problems

    Suat Sahin Level 1

      hi everyone,

      Some users that connected to stratus cannot create p2p connection with few other(not all) users because of NAT and firewall problems. I just wonder if there is still NAT configuration problems with new FMS4. Or when a problem occurs like that between users, what is the behavior of FMS for solution ?

      Can FMS notice and recover that? Im concerned when a user publish multilevel broadcasting stream to about 10 000 concurrent user, can all subscribers receive that ?



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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          there is no automatic fallback to client-server.  it is up to you (the developer) to decide what is the most appropriate strategy for your application (and budget) when dealing with the cases where P2P can't work.


          between FMS- and Player-side logic, you can certainly detect when a client isn't receiving a stream via P2P and subscribe to it client-server.