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    Compatibility of Reader versions on a Mac?

    PeytonT Level 1

      I have a website that loads multiple PDFs, each of which contains lots of links to Quicktime MOV video files. The site works fine on all my Windows PCs except in one situation (choosing 'Trust this site always' on my Windows 7 64 bit PC, though it does work if you say 'This time only'), but all I have to do to deal with that is tell users what option to use.


      So far I've had worse luck testing on a Mac. It never worked at all on my old (and apparently moribund) Mac G4 OS 10.3, but I've just bought a new Mac G4 (used, but new to me) with OS 10.4.11 installed on it, and I'm hoping to be able to tell users that it works in that configuration. Unfortunately, whenever, I click one of my icons to test it, I get the message that I need to update my media player. Clicking on that brings me to a download screen from Apple wanting me to upgrade to Quicktime, but what it wants to install is labeled "for Leopard", i.e. OS 10.5. My OS 10 is the one they call "Tiger".


      So my question is: Should that matter? Is this just an issue with Apple's marketing department, trying to assure people it works for Leopard? That is, should that version be expected to work on Tiger?


      Or rather, apparently, Adobe's marketing department? When I tried it just a minute ago so I could tell you the exact version it wants to download, I got a message from Adobe saying the site is temporarily unavailable.


      The Quicktime version on my Mac right now, 7.6.4, plays the same MOV files just fine when I click directly on them. And the problem isn't the interface to the web, since it happens when I bring up Reader entirely on my local Mac, both in Reader 7.0, which is all I had when I first tested it, and in Reader 9.0, that I just downloaded.


      Thanks in advance for your help.