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    Reinstalling PS Elements 6


      I am trying to reinstall PS Elements 6. I found that ver 8 would not work on my computer. When I insert my disc it looks like the installation starts and then it asks me to insert Disc 1. I only have one disc. When I reinsert that disc it still will not work. Any help with this one? Thank you.

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          1430-Please Help? I crashed my computer, Dell Gave me a new Hard drive..

          And i needed to reinstall PS 6 Code : 1057-1661-4864-1426-4955 is NOT working?

          Posible to many reinstalls..

          Can you help?




              Thank You

                       James Shobe

            E-mail is pilot77jim@cox.net

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            $$$help$$$ Level 1

            So far I have gotten no help from Adobe on this one. I wish I could help. That would mean my problem was taken care of.

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              FrancoDominic Level 1

              James' issue is now resolved.

              He called customerr service and was provided with a code to re-activate his software.


              for your PS Elements, I suggest you to remove the traces of your previous installations by:


              ** Download the Adobe CS5 Cleaner Tool for Windows.

              ** Download the Adobe CS5 Cleaner Tool for Macintosh.


              After running the cleaner tool. Try installing the software again. (just a suggestion though)

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                I have the same problem with reinstalling: it asks for "Disk 1" but I only have the one CD, and reinserting that does nothing.  I contacted Adobe support and was instructed to open a support case.  I did that on Saturday morning, and I was told to expect a response within three business days, which could be as late as Wednesday!


                I'd just uninstall the program entirely and then try a reinstallation from scratch, but I don't want to lose all the links between the organizer and the photo files.  Any suggestions while I wait for Adobe to reply???


                UPDATE:  I followed the suggestion found elsewhere in this forum to copy the Photoshop Elements folder from the disk to the desktop and then run setup from the copied folder.  The installation was successful.