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    Duplex Printing (InDesign CS4 v6.0 document from Reader)


      I have a 26.55MB PDF file with lots of graphics downloaded from a website and using Reader 9.0.  The document was created with InDesign CS4, v6.0.  It is set up to print duplex on 8.5 x 11 paper with room for punch holes.  I am working with VISTA sp2, 32 bit OS and an HP photosmart 7350 (not equipped with automatic duplex printing, but will duplex manually) with an HP deskjet 5550 print driver.  I have two major issues:


      1-The pages are designed to print to the edge of the page (color tabs) and my printer designates a print area.  Is there any way to change the print area on my printer?


      2-The print setup will not recognize the document as double sided when I configure it to print double sided manually.  Then I tried printing odd first, then even.  It prints every other odd, then when I turn and refeed the document, it prints the other odds.  When I select even, it prints every even correctly.


      Please help!  I need this 864 (432 double) page doc printed asap and trying to avoid printer costs.  Also afraid a printer might have the same problem???