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    Database Structure Question

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      For example, let's say I'm building a database that let's a user create an online store. In my table I'll be storing the information they provide, such as location, hours, store name, and so on. In addition, I also want the user to select what type of merchandise they're selling (from a pre-determined list). Let's say for the sake of this [obviously fake] example, my list would be:

      - Apples
      - Oranges
      - Kiwi
      - Watermelon
      - Pears

      Now there's two potential ways to store this information... the first being in a [SQL] varchar field, comma-separated. The second would be in another table that would include a row featuring the store_id (from my first table) a fruit_id (from the above list) for every fruit type selected. Keep in mind my list of fruit will grow (and possibly shrink) over time, and I'd obviously not want to update my pages [manually each time, so another table will actually establish the fruit and my list will be built from a query.

      I'm trying to look at all the pros and cons of each storage method... The user browsing our stores will have the option to search for stores carrying one of the fruits from the list, or multiple fruit types. Obviously the separate table storage method is best, I'm just trying to [before I've even gotten to the programming part at all] see in my head what the search query would look like.