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    Back up / Make a copy of a Flash Builder project

    Robotacid Level 1

      In Flash Develop I can simply copy a folder and then open the project file for it. Everything is easy.


      I have found no information at all on making a copy of a Flash Builder project. There is no file with the source code, and even worse, I have tried to make a new project targeted at a new folder and instead FB uses the old files.


      The only way I could force it to use the new files was to delete the old project. And because Flash Builder kept opening the wrong files I have lost ALL OF MY WORK!!


      How am I supposed to create copies of a project? Further more - how do I stop it from insisting on trying to compile the files from a previous project without deleting it?

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          Peter Witham Level 2

          On the file menu is the option to export and import a project, it will be backed up into a fxp file which is essentially a zip file of the files in the project.


          Also if you close a project by right clicking on it in the package explorer you can close it to prevent building/compiling. I normally just have the project(s) I am currently working on open.


          Hope this helps,

          Peter Witham