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    Text Entries

      I have a couple of text entry boxes in my assessment stimulation. Is there a way for captivate to move onto the next slide without having the user type the answer in and then push the enter key? Is typing in the answer and then pressing Enter the only way that Captivate recognizes your answer, correct or incorrect.

      Thank you.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi jbar7,

          No, pressing ENTER is only one of a variety of ways to progress past a text-entry slide. Open (double-click) the text-entry object on the slide or on the timeline to access its properties, then...

          ... at the bottom of the "Text-Entry" tab, notice the "Set Shrotcut Key ..." area, with a button labeled "Select Keys".

          ... at the Select Keys dialog you can elect to use the mouse (or not) or to set any single key, or multi-key combination as the trigger to check the typed input.

          EVEN COOLER, you can set a specific keyboard key as the trigger, and use that to avoid any other specific response. For instance, let's say the user is supposed to type in the word "NATURE" ... you could set the "trigger" as the letter "E", the last letter in the word "nature". When the letter "E" is struck, Captivate will check the entry and proceed action on the text-entry box, just as though you had pressed the ENTER key.


          Have a nice day!

          ADDENDUM: I guess I should point out the obvious - the above tip for using a specific character won't work unless that character is used only once in the word, and that one time must be as the final typed input.
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            jbar7 Level 1
            Thank you for your help!