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    I need help with information gathering?


      OK... Here's the deal.  I started building websites years ago with Microsoft Frontpage. (you see part of the problem)  Several of the sites I manage use Frontpage Extentions to gather customer information and forward it to the website owner's e-mail address.  One of those sites was just moved to a brand new server and since Microsoft does not support Frontpage Extentions any more, the Host did not install it on their new server nor do they intend to... hence the rest of the problem.  I just bought Flash as part of an Adobe suite.  I am in the learning process but right now... is there a simple way to use Flash (with action script 3) to make it possible for someone to input their e-mail address into a form line and when they click on a "Get Coupon" button, it will send the information to my client's e-mail address while opening another page to access a discount coupon for the trade show?


      If you can direct me to a tutorial along these lines it would be tremendously helpful.


      Mark Patterson