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    flashresource file missing.  Mac flash pro cs5.  I have reinstalled 3 times, same message each time


      Hey guys, can't find help anywhere so I am asking here.  I work for a small tv station who recently purchased Flash Professional to learn.  They want me to learn it and create some animation for bumpers yadda yadda.  Anyways here's the problem.  Every time I install it it seems fine and works for a couple of days.  Suddenly one day it won't open and all it says in the message is "flashresource file missing. please reinstall flash "  So I say uh oh and reinstall.  Works great so I think ok problem solved.  Then a couple of days later it does it again.  I have gone through this 5 times, each time reinstalling works for a few days or week then blammo suddenly "flashresourcefile is missing. please reinstall flash"  I am completely stumped.  After effects, premiere pro, soundbooth, all work great.  Flash professiional is the only one doing this.  HELP!!



      Macbook Pro intel i7

      snow leopard osx

      8gb RAM

      64 bit