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    Can't import video? Please Help!

    story2rewrite Level 1

      I have an I7 950 overclocked at 3.8 ghz, 12 gb of ram, 470 video card and 2 wd

      64gb for hard drives.  I have another but it's d.o.a.  Waiting for the third to be corrected.


      Premiere seemed like it was working fine and then I put the updates and it started giving me a red stop sign everytime I tried to drag footage in or import.  Can't get anything in there.  I went to after effects and it seems to work fine but I can't bring the files into premiere.  Maybe it's something I'm doing.


      It's t2i canon dslr footage.  I took the sd card and put into card reader.  The files were automatically brought into adobe bridge and made into mvi files.  Is this what's supposed to happen?  Any advice would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.