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    Synching question

    jc32montero Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      I'd like to know, if shooting HD video with a Sony bloggie™ in 720 60p while recording the audio separately on a PC or Mac would be possible to sync the two in PP.


      Video would be an MPEG-4 coming directly from the camera, and audio would be a .wav file.


      Using Final Cut Express 4 I've encountered some problems: Right after 10 seconds or even less, the audio isn't in sync anymore, with the original audio (the one from the camera) being faster than the wav file recorded from the mic.


      I've posted a question on the Apple Discussion page here:




      Since that solution involves re-encoding the footage (both audio and video, which makes the already finished MPEG-4 file unusable and creates more work to be done), I wondered if using Premiere Pro I'd have the chance to use the footage as is and adding the audio file without syncing problems.


      In plain English: Does Premiere Pro support 60fps and MPEG-4 for editing?


      Thank in advance for your help.