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    Titles won't render in HD video.


      I am using the Elements 9 for 2 days now but it's driving me nuts...


      I tried to add a title to my first video and everything worked the way i read in the documentation.

      However when i preview the movie i have a black screen as long as the title in the video 2 timeline plays.

      When i start elements and load the project i can set the marker in the timeline and everything looks OK in the preview.

      But when i hit "play" in the preview pane it turns black as long as the title video plays.

      I found that it must be related to the HD video because with an old 4:3 720p movie it works perfectly.


      I have videos from an OREGON SCIENTIFIC ATC9K Camera

      1920x1080 PixelDepth:24 Framerate 29,97 Audio 48000-16Bit Mono

      Average Data Rate 1,8MB

      Pixel Aspect 1,0


      I can reproduce the problem when i simply load one movie track in a new project (NTSC - Harddisk Flash memory  - FULL HD 1080i 30) then add one of my video files and select "Title -> New Title -> Default Still".

      When i click though then movie frame by frame the title can be seen as expected, but when i hit play, its all black.


      I already lost 6 hours and tons of nerves because i can't get the titles to work, please give some advise what i can try next...




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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Another user reported similar, though that was with the trail version. All that appeared where the title text should have been was the watermark banner for the trial.


          Looks like a Bug in Titles. I would strongly suggest that you file a Bug Report, as outlined in this ARTICLE.


          Just in case that there is something else going on, can you post two screen-caps? One would be your Timeline, with the Title shown, the CTI (Current Time Indicator) over it, and the Program Monitor, and the other with the Title open in the Titler editing screen.


          Good luck,



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            RolfRe Level 1

            Hi Hunt


            Thanks for the feedback.

            I assume it's a bug - well more like one of a dozen.

            I found that the problem is with HD projects only. Pre-rendering the preview makes it worse.

            After evaluating the software for 4 days, I'm not sure that I spend about 140US$ (the price here in Germany) in a piece of software that is quite unpredictable and not very intuitive.

            I did a video with Windows Live Movie Maker in 20 minutes that was almost perfect but I had to go for a non-MS codec, so I checked out Elements – the market leader.

            Took me 10 hours so far and still no land in sight.

            Every transition of audio or video only works after several retries.

            Besides: the watermark is so annoying that I really can’t evaluate the quality of the rendering.

            So far quality looks quite good, but the size of the HD video is also 4 times the size of the .wmv file I did before.

            I’m very unsure that I should go for Elements.



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              digitalreply Level 1


              Can you please share some screenshots of the behavior that your are seeing with Titles as asked by Bill in his post above.


              How is the playback after rendering the clip ? Is it any better.
              Can you try adding a title by clicking the "T" icon at the right-bottom of the monitor and check the playback.


              There is another thread doing the rounds about playback issues with Trial builds - http://forums.adobe.com/message/3161025#3161025
              You may want to have a look, it talks about mpeg2 playback in Trial version of Premeiere Elements 9.

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                vipulanima2r Level 2


                A kbdoc has been published for the issue. please have a look and update us if it worked or not.





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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Thank you for that link. I went looking for this thread, as soon as that KB was posted today, but could not find it, and got distracted. You saved my "bacon."





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                    vipulanima2r Level 2

                    LOL. thanks sir.