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    Popup Word & Phrase Definitions

    BDingwell Level 1

      Using Acrobat Pro 9, is there an easy way to create a popup window in a PDF document that opens by a mouse over action and disappears when the mouse is moved away from the word or phrase that initiated the popup window?


      Is there an easy way to assign the same popup window action to multiple occurrences of the same work or phrase within a one or more PDF documents?


      Are there other applications necessary to accomplish the above?


      My goal is to create a popup definition of certain words and phrases that occur multiple times through my documents.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There are fields and links that allow for various actions. With JavaScirpt you show or hide field or add an alert on entry to to field or on a click of the field or link.

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            George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            For a something to appear on mouse over, you should use a button, and specifiy either a rollover label or the tooltip text. In order to be able to set a rollover label, the Behavior of the button needs to be set to "Push". You can set the button to have no visible appearance (e.g., no border or background color).


            To automate the process of adding the buttons in the locations you want, you can use a JavaScript routine to search each page of the words and add the button in the correct location. Searching and adding buttons for phrases is a bit more difficult, especially if the phrase spans more than one line or page, but it's possible. You might want to do a search here or at acrobatusers.com for some code that will get you started. You'll want to read up on the document methods of getPageNumWords, getPageNthWord, getPageNthWordQuads, and addField in the Acrobat JavaScript reference.