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    System crashes while capturing in CS5

    Kum Ruzvelt

      Recently installed Samsung Kies software for supporting my Galaxy cell phone. Same day Win7 started crashing while capturing video in Premiere Pro CS5. It crashes after random number of minutes capturing. There's no problem with any other aplication, Adobe or not, and Premiere Elements7 captures video with no problem at all. Uninstalled Kies but Win7 keeps crashing. Any experience with this combination of softwares?

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          I know this is sort of a "told you so" rather than directly helpful to you, but other readers may learn something.


          This situation is precisely why one should never use their production rig for anything BUT production work.  Always use a second computer for everything else.


          This software ain't cheap.  If you're going to shell out the money for it, you really should do things right and use it only on a dedicated editing computer.

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            Kum Ruzvelt Level 1

            Huh, I was hoping for something like - yes, it's Kies, or - no, it's not Kies, so I could share the information... I bought my PC on 3 years leasing, hardly I could afford another one with my 300e monthly wage. So this one IS for everything else. My previous PC worked for 4 years on XP, and neither the system nor any Adobe product had ever crashed, and it swallowed a few tons of every kind of stuff you can imagine. So, now I'm kind of suprised, but never mind, I'll just reinstall it. Tnx anyway

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              Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Lots of people use editing computers for other things, and there are often problems because of it.  Standard advice (whether using other programs or not) is to keep a backup image so you can quickly reinstall.


              My current system is used only for editing, and a recent problem was solved by using a windows restore point.

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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I have one computer for everything http://forums.adobe.com/thread/652694?tstart=0 and have not had any problems


                But, I do not have and have never heard of "Kies" software


                Generally speaking... if something works and then stops working when new software is installed... that is clear to ME that the new install is the problem


                I always make a full boot drive image before installing anything


                You should buy software to make a full backup of your hard drive to an external USB hard drive... which makes restoring very easy

                The product I use is at http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/image-for-linux.htm

                Image runs off of a bootable CD via Linux (the Zip you download includes a program to make the bootable CD) and it reads EVERYTHING on the drive, even the hidden registration information, so everything is restored when needed... and you may restore the image to a brand new drive and not have to re-install anything

                Please note that I own no part of Image, and I don't get a referral fee (that is just a plain web link) but I use the program and it has saved me a LOT of trouble when I had a hard drive die... and I was able to restore everything and not have to re-install or re-activate a single program, from Windows on up

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                  Kum Ruzvelt Level 1

                  Tnx people, but turned out it's no Kies after all. But a new, more interesting puzzle occured - AE CS4 had recently some troubles while closing, then started crashing - on closing also, and finaly wouldn't start at all (could not load preferences something...). Reinstalled AE and now Premiere works like a charm... Wierd, isn't it?

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                    John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    >Reinstalled AE and now Premiere works like a charm


                    Soapbox ON


                    In my opinion, Microsoft made a HORRIBLE design decision when Windows was first created


                    The idea of using a "system registry" to store all program's operating variables results in a file that is ripe for corruption


                    Again in my opinion, each program's operating variables should be entirely maintained and loaded and unloaded with the program, and the system registry should be used only for those operating variables that truely relate to the system


                    Soapbox OFF


                    My best guess is you had a partially corrupted registry, and a reinstall fixed the problem


                    There are several companies that make a good living by selling registry cleanup software