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    embedded swf

    jonnybennett Level 1
      ***Please note this problem is only a problem on certain versions of certain browsers. and may work ok on your browser***
      If you check out this url,
      you will notice that there are many flash banners within the page. However they all have focus (when you rollover or click on any of the banners, they do not get highlighted.)

      If you check out my page,
      with 4 seperate swfs embeded within the page, when you rollover the swfs, they become highlighted. If you click on the swf the highlighting goes away....why????
      Does anyone know why I am getting this problem, I think it is to do with focusing the swf, however I have tried to use <body onload="document.getElementById('mymovie').focus()">
      but it still highlights when you roll over the swf.

      Please help, many thanks jonnie.