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    training manager not authorized

    phatty5 Level 1
      I have two people set up as training managers. They can get into the training tab and added new enrollees, but when the go to reports and click on a specific person to review their curriculum. They receive the screen that says not authorized.

      can anyone help me?

      Thank you
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          To view the reports and curr., these training managers will also need to be set-up as the "manager" of these users, which is done on the amin area (and can be very tedious). Sadly, the training manager role does not go this far for a variety of reasons (i.e. training managers in diff departments could see student data when they really shouldn't be)
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            phatty5 Level 1
            There is a technote on this issue. iIdo not remember the number though. I had the same issue and when i called support they said the only work around at this time is to make the person an admin and atraining manager. The only problem with this is the person will have access to everything. Adobe said it is a bug and they have been trying to fix it for awhile.
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              sean@realeyes.com Level 1
              While training manager & admin will get you what you need, you should try what I've suggested. Adobe support calling this a bug is a but fishy to me as I've spoken to people on the Connect team about this. They indicated this limited level of access for training managers was built in and on purpose.
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                John K. Level 1
                I also think the structure is built on purpose. Being a course manager should not give access to personal data. So hopefully it not a bug :-)

                Will Seans first answer not solve your problem?

                John K.