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    Adobe Premiere Elements 8 Hangs Crashes Errors - Vista 32




      First I'll admit i'm no pro (obviously why im using elements), so if im doing something amatuerish it's because i'm not a professional.


      I remember using adobe premiere elements 3 a while ago, and it ran fine.


      I just bought Premiere Elements 8 and it's crashed more than any program i've ever used. Ive been to many forums to address the issues however there seems to be no solution in site (especially given that their support seems to be down at the moment).


      The first "weird" issue is that I get a little red X that appears at the lower left portion of the screen and when I click on it it says that my preformance will be poor because my graphics card isn't working properly.  This is not true as my Dual Nvidia 9800GT cards are working fine.  (I have sli turned off for the record because of a conflict with Cubase).  So I don't know what this means.  But I did notice something odd in my windows video display options I have 1 montor enabled but I see 3 grayed out disabled monitors even thought I only have 1 plugged in.  (I was using an additional one but it's unplugged currently)


      My most common issue is with hanging that won't end.  This usually happens when I apply a change to a file and trim it, or move it almost always in the timeline. The progrom just closes all together when I edit still images from time to time especially when I overlap it with a video.


      When the hangs happen my Cpu is at 12%ish, and I have ram available.  Although Premiere uses a truckload!



      Here are my project specs:


      The preset project mode that I chose was HD (hard drive) video, widescreen 48k because the files are from my hard drive so I didn't know what to choose


      Working with .mov files which were improperly formated from the source with regards to aspect and given to me so i had to stretch them out (could this be an issue?)


      Using the standard Premiere sound driver, although I do have a focurite interface but i only use that for Cubase.


      Backround rendering is on (seems to speed things up with regards to workflow)


      Autoanalyzer is off




      Computer specs:


      Dell XPS 630i

      Intel Core2duo 3.16 Ghz

      4 Gigs of ram (although only 2.8 showing because of partition issues anyone have a solution?)

      Windows Vista 32 home premium

      Dual SLI Nvidia 9800GT graphics cards - Both rated at 512 memory (latest drivers, physex, and 3D have been uninstalled threaded optimization turned off)

      Mcaffe security system



      If anyone can figure anything out from what I wrote please let me know!  thanks