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    HTTPService - retrieving sent parameters at dest URL

      This is probably a blatent newbie question (I haven't found any equivalent post).. The following HTTPService works fine in terms of returning XML from a ColdFusion script, which I bind to a combobox control. However, I do not know how to retrieve the sent parameter name-value pair in the CF script, so that I can use it to filter the content of the response. In this example, the CF script will want to determine if the list control selection is "dlString" or "ssnString" or "idcardString".

      <mx:HTTPService id="statesService" url=" http://localhost:8500/DynamicForm/bin/states.cfm" >
      <mx:request xmlns="">

      <mx:FormItem label="Identification">
      <mx:List id="idTypeList" height="80" change="changeHandler(event)">
      <mx:String id="dlString">Driver License</mx:String>
      <mx:String id="ssnString">SSN</mx:String>
      <mx:String id="idcardString">ID Card</mx:String>