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    How to create the plastic look in an image

      Hi there, I have seen so many times images that seem to look like plastic or they look as if the item is real. it is because it has a shadow behind it and the surface seems to look slightly curved giving it that 2d 3d effect.

      I understand how to do the background, which is just a shadow, but not the face.

      I have included a link to a few sites that have this as an example.

      Can anyone let me know if this can be done in Fireworks and if so what is it called?

      I call it the Microsoft look.

      http://www.atollorecords.com/index.php this page has it at the top of the page, in this one they have set it as a two tone look, but each tone seems to have a curve to it. IMPORTANT: please put your speaker volume down because their music plays everytime you load the page.