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    timeline freezes in Pre El 8

    Brian Mirrlees

      Hi: I'm working on a small project... all in Pre El 8.  It is about two minutes in duration. Nothing really fancy, a couple of fades and cross dissolves, video elements are contained to two tracks, all titles have been created within the app. Everything has been fine up to this point. Now it is starting to randomly freeze or pause the timeline when playing back. Original source material was DV resolution.


      Has anyone experienced this before? Any solutions? I couldn't see any problem, but I did find that it I moved the clips within the track on the timeline and put them back to the original position it solved most of the problems... only to have the pauses appear at different points which were previously o.k.


      help and suggestions appreciated.






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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Let's start at the beginning. Can you post the full details of your Project, your Assets and your computer? This ARTICLE will give you tips on what would be so very useful.


          Good luck,



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            Brian Mirrlees Level 1

            Thanks for the offer of assistance Bill.


            First off, after making the original post and walking away from the computer for an hour or so, the problem seems to have "resolved" itself... so my crisis is over.


            Pre El 8 installed on:


            an HP Pavillion DV9700 laptop running Windows VISTA (yech!!!) Premium 32 bit (2 years old)


            3 GB of RAM, Intel  Centrino 1.83 GHz CPU, NVidia onboard video, internal Toshiba HDD 320GB / 5400 RPM / 8 MB buffer


            No Norton anti anyting anywhere, and the anti-virus was disabled during capture and edit


            All material was ingested through FW400 ports and stored to an external LaCie D2 drive (7200 RPM / 8MB buffer)


            I use an external Shuttle Xpress jog/scroll knob (it is a USB device) however, disconnecting it made no difference.



            Small project, about 2:20 in length... simple stuff, no fancy effects taxing the resources...  just some fades, dissolves, cuts... a few title cards built with in the app. and video/audio was contained to two tracks.

            (about 40 scene renders in total)


            It was playing along fine.... then just started this random freezing (both video and audio) if I toggled the play button or spacebar, it would start playing again fine.


            I couldn't see anything in the timeline view that would cause the problem... but I did try sliding clips + and - in position, then returned them to the original position and it seemed to clear the pause at that point, only to have another pause or freeze occur at a later point.


            I haven't had this problem before.




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              nealeh Level 5

              I should think that you have a small break between two clips, probably not visible at the magnification you are using. This would explain why moving a clip fixes the current position but introduces the problem later.


              In Timeline view zoom in and use PgUp/PgDn to move between clips. If doing this it seems to take two presses to move on a clip, that is probably where your gap is. Select all the following clips and nudge to the left to eliminate the gap.


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