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    LCES2 - Workspace Messaging


      Hi, can you add messages to a Workspace users message queue?


      i.e the workspace messages show
      'Welcome Tony Blue' you have successfully logged in'


      I would like to to build a workbench process that takes an input variables 'Message text' and 'User ID' and then displays that message to the user in their workspace message queue.


      Is that possible? If there are any on-line resources available please advise.


      Thanks in advance,



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          Steve L Walker Level 5



          I am curious as to what purpose this serves. Having a long-lived process for each and every user, for each and every login to Workspace has non-trivial long term implications on the performance of process engine and the size of the LiveCycle database.


          The optimal route would be the customization of Workspace to introduce UI changes and avoiding the creation of a process.


          Note, there is a generic "message of the day" that can be customized and administered from the Admin console.



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            mpower17 Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            The messages that I'll have to display are from a legacy system. The users have been given workspace logins (the processes interact with our legacy app).  I was just checking to see if the workspace messages log (and buble effect) was something I could easily interact with, but yes I would not want to adversley affect the server performance, so I'll look into custoizing the UI.


            Thanks for the info,