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    Buying CS5

    Harry Kunz Level 4

      I switched to a mac. i use Flex 3.5 to compile my AS3 projects. But there are times when i want to create complex graphics in Flash for use in my projects so i was planning to buy Adobe Flash CS5. However i'm not sure if i understand the prices, original price of $699 is really alot for me to pay but i see that there is a "Download Price" $109 option. What does that mean? Can i really have the full CS5 version for only $109 and save $590?? If so then why would anyone want to buy Flash for $699 if they can just get it at $109?


      Download Price$109.90
      Original Price$699.90
      You Save$590.00


      And for the whole CS5 suite only $209??? Does that really include complete version of Flash CS5 and Photoshop and the rest of the suite??


      Download Price$209.90
      Original Price$1799.00
      You Save$1589.10