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    TOC lacking books in generated layout/RH8


      Hi there. Let me start by saying that I am not a computer whiz by your standards, I'm sure, so this may come across as a stupid question. Let me apologize in advance!


      I have been working on a simple RoboHelp 8 document for my job, just a simple FAQ document, and by simple, I mean like maybe it will be 20-30 questions max, when all is said and done. While authoring the FAQ help document in RH8, my TOC looks like this:


      TOC 1.GIF


      However, after I generate my layout and look at the finished product, it looks like this:


      TOC 2.GIF


      Clearly the problem is with the books that are embedded into the main book--they disapper in the generated layout. My supervisor has requested the "sub"-books to add more organization to my questions. Is there any way to make them appear in the generated layout, or is there some reason why books within books will not generate?


      Thanks for your help in advance!