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    Possible "pitch/synchronization" problems when exporting

    digifruitella Level 1

      I have a video that I edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, with a Sequence setting of 23.976fps... in the editor, when I render it and play it back... it plays back beautifully. Just the way I want it to.


      I exported it as an MP4 file (with NATIVE fps, 23.976) and uploaded it to Vimeo, and played it there - and I SEE that it's off.


      The way my video is edited is very fast, and relies heavily on Audio/Video synchronization, it's the WHOLE point of my video.


      In Vimeo - I can SEE that it's off. The video is just a few milliseconds lagging. It's not catastrophical, but spending a month editing and playing it back over and over again in Premiere Pro, I pretty much know how it should play out... and the moment I saw it playback on Vimeo, I spotted this slight un-synchronization. The audio is slightly faster than the image that is supposed to be in synchronization with that audio effect


      Is this a frame rate problem or am I exporting it wrong?


      My Adobe Premiere Sequence settings are


      [quote]Sequence 01

      1920 x 1080

      00;20;26;11, 23.976 fps

      48000 Hz - Stereo[/quote]


      when I right click on the actual audio IN the timeline the settings are


      [quote]Source Audio Format: 44100 Hz - compressed - Stereo

      Project Audio Format: 44100 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

      Total Duration: 00:04:39:37476

      Average Data Rate: 39 KB / second[/quote]


      Can anyone tell me if there's something I'm doing wrong?


      the 44hz, and the Sequence 48Hz are different, yes... but why is it when I play it back rendered in Premiere that it syncs perfectly then? or does the problem lie in something else?



      Again for reference, my video is very experimental, the cuts are very fast that sync with the sound.

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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          Is this a frame rate problem or am I exporting it wrong?


          Possibly neither.  I have seen similar effects when uploading videos to my own web site, which are NOT reencoded.  It may be a result of the streaming, or the Flash player.  For my own work, the mistiming is not that critical, so I have never investigated the cause.

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            Hate to bring up an old thread, but this is EXACTLY the same type of issue I am always having, and rather than be accused of not doing a search, I thought that I'd reply to this and see if any can give some insight.


            I'm in the exact same situation where the type of edits that I do are critical in syncing audio and sfx to visual cues in the video. As the OP mentioned, I spend countless hours getting things just right on the Premiere timeline, only to have things be not quite right on export...regardless of format it seems.


            The bigges then I'm thinking is the root cause is the fact that many audio sources are different. Most music from CDs or online are in 44kHz whereas default sequences in Premiere are in 48kHz, as well as audio from video cameras.


            It's really difficult to understand what is the "proper" workflow when working with 48kHz and 44kHz to ensure that WYHIWYG (what you hear is what you get), on export.


            Is there anyone that can explain or point in the right direction to solve this issue?