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    PUT method of HTTPService

      I would like to update Google docs by using its API, like the example:

      But not success. Not that familiar with atom or httpservice.


      Any comment on my code: {


      httpservice.request='abcd' // the string that is the content I wanna put into the txt document


      var headers:Object=new Object();
      headers.Authorization = "GoogleLogin auth="+_user.authCode
      headers['GData-Version'] = "3.0"
      headers['If-Match']=_path.eTag // eTag = etage of <entry gd:etag=""DEwQUBtbRit7ImBr"">


      headers['Content-Length']=4; // length of txt content: 'abcd' is 4
      headers['Slug']="Testing" // slug should be a string?? Don't quite understand what it is...






      is that the header slug coursing the problem? it is not a string?
      or i point the url wrongly? not href of edit-media
      or the content for replacement should be binary?