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    How to store generated PDF to client computer




      I've made a process in Adobe LiveCycle Workbench which generates a PDF on OutputPath (string variable) from XDP and XML data provided . Service is invoked from Java web application.


      Environment, where the LiveCycle and our Java application sits is Linux and I have to provide credentials in code to access this service from Java client.


      Is there any way how to store the generated PDF not only to linux server, but also to client computer? Our web-application will be used in production by anyone on the internet, so there is no login/password. Thank you very much.

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          MartinDetva Level 1

          I've managed to figure it out...it might help to someone.


          I don't produce String outputPath anymore, but right after the activity which renders the PDF, I use the document as an output variable of the Adobe LC service.


          On Java side, I convert the the object from the response to Document (Adobe type) and then call copyToFile() method. Got my PDF on local HDD