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    Flex ,ckeditor and jquery overlay issue

    luke3design!! Level 1

      Hi to all!!


      I came into this strange problem and I can't figure out how to solve it.


      Here's the situation:


      I made an administration panel in flex for a web site which have to be editable in all its page. I realized the flex panel so the user can select the page he wish to modifiy then by clicking on a button it opens an html overlay with inside CKeditor. The overlay appears just like a sort of popup but It's only a div inside the html page so I can keep the communication with flex.

      The overaly is opened through the jquery-ui overlay plugin.

      Through the ExternalInterface I set the html inside the CKEditor so the user can edit it. Once the user finish to edit he can click over a html button and through the externalInterface I read the html of the ckeditor , pump it into flex and eventually send it to the php to store in the mysql.


      On Mac it works perfectly. I tried it over Firefox 3.6.10, Safari,Chrome and Opera.

      On Windows it fails to open the overlay. At first glance I thought It was an Explorer issue as always but then I tried also with firefox and chrome on windows and it always fails to open the overlay popup. This brought me to think that is a problem of the flash player plugin for windows.


      I also tried to play with wmode and set it to both "transparent" and "opaque" but no way.

      I also tried to add some rule on css to affect the z-index of both the flash object and the overlay. I assigned to the flash object "z-index: -100;" and to the html overlay "z-index:100;" but it didn't work (I also find out that by default the jqueyr-ui overaly plugin set by default the z-index to 1000)


      I also thought It could be a problem due to the ExternalInterface, but by tring to set some alert into the javascript function I saw that these functions are called also under windows.


      I know that in this post are involved many things beyond flex whose affect html,css and jquery.

      What I'm asking to you is to see if  it could be a problem due to the flash player itself when run under windows or something else so I'll continue my investigation on other topic. I've tried googling around but with no luck.


      Thanks in advance.

      Best regards!


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          Robert M Level 1


          I have not seen your problem, but it sounds very similar to something I read in another blog.  (http://www.adamstacey.co.uk/2010/07/09/initiating-ckeditor-with-jquery-and-using-jquery-ui -dialog/)  He only says there is a confilct with the z-index between CKEditor & IE6/7 but maybe it will help.

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            luke3design!! Level 1

            Hi Robert,

                 thanks so much for caring.

            I 've already read that blog entry, and tried to implement in my page (it's very similir to what I'm trying to achieve): on mac everything works fine, but on windows it doesn't work properly.

            I think it's due to the way activeX object is displayed and in general, how flash player plugin is rendered in web pages on windows platform. In fact I encounter this error on IE,Firefox (stable and beta),chrome and opera under Windows.


            One way I issued this problem was to hiding the swf plugin before rendering the overlay. This because I saw that when I was trying to display the overlay, it actually remained under the swf object. So i hide the swf and then display the swf, but it's not so nice....

            Another way was to get rid of the overlay (it was so nice) and put everything in the old but stable popup, with some javascript tricks that allow me to communicate back and forth with the parent window and with the swf..

            I'm really sorry to not use the overlay anymore, 'cause it seemed much more integrated with the flex page (and also provide  more easiness to communicate with flex through javascript),


            Thanks anyway for the help!!!!