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    Using HFS+ formatted drives for PPR CS5 on Win7


      I already posted this one on somebody else's thread as I thought it might be relevant there but as that thread was already marked as answered it may be missed, so I'm reposting below.


      I've been pondering for a little while about a WD 2TB My Book Studio that I recently bought.


      I've been using the software Macdrive for years now and absolutely love it! However, being a long-time desktop PC user I have never used any of my external hard drives in the past as a scratch disk for Premiere. Recently, I upgraded to the more portable land of laptops and it's working great but to make sure I optimised my setup as much as I could, I bought the above mentioned drive because it's RAID0 enabled and e-sata connected giving me a decent, stable data-rate (or so I assume). The WD drives often come pre-formatted as HFS+ to make it easier for Mac users to just plug-in and go and I thought considering I am often working with colleagues using Macs and FCP too, it would be a good idea to keep this drive formatted this way to retain better compatibility with my peers.


      However, the question that popped up in my mind is whether this is adversely hindering performance whilst editing in any way? Would read/write speeds be more efficient if the drive were configured natively as NTFS or does this not make much difference when using Macdrive?? Anybody have any thoughts???

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          ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

          Likely the performance will not be hindered to much since it's really just referencing a different partition table. However the only place it would likely lower performance would be the random access time by the drive since the latency created by the software would add to that. I don't know how significant that is but even 3 to 5 milliseconds is allot. Consider 10K drives on average are only 5 milliseconds faster than 7200 drives you can make a comparison. So where does RAT come into play? When you accessing or writing to multiple files. This means using this for a cache drive is probably where you will see a drop in performance. If you use it as a media drive though, you likely wont see it unless you often have numerous video files playing simultaneously.




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            milkykaush Level 1

            Thanks for the speedy and detailed response Eric!


            Well, considering the system I'm currently running on the edge of what may be considered acceptable by any standard, optimisation is all important to me to achieve the smoothest workflow I can out of this setup! The latency issues you've described may be contributing to the slight glitches I'm experiencing occasionally in playback of multiple video layers with a few effects - they're not crippling but they were one reason this thought cropped up too.


            Therefore, I'm gonna say screw compatibility with my Mac peers - if anything, I can always transfer data across to Mac formatted hdds as and when I need to on those occasions!


            Thanks again for shedding some light on the matter.