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    Solid Green/Red Playback Monitor

    jimclark1947 Level 1

      I have just upgraded from CS4 to CS5.  I also just purchased a new Sony NEX-VG10.  I'm finding with the new camera that I occasionally get a clip that will not play properly in the monitor and it displays a solid green or red screen.  Sometime a clip with this problem will play the associated audio, others will not.  But I have found that it is very consistent in how each bad clip plays.  In other words the same clip will always display the same symptoms.


      In a few cases a clip of say 30 seconds duration may play for 5-10 seconds normally, then it goes to red screen with no audio.  If I edit out the bad part and keep the rest there is no indication during playback that there was ever a problem with the remaining portion of the original clip.  But nothing I have tried will work to save the bad portion of the clip.


      These are AVCHD files with .m2ts file extension.  I've tried a test project with some older .mts files shot on a Cannon and I'm not finding any of the green or red screen problems.  And I don't recall ever seeing that problem with CS4 either.  When I place 10 clips into the same sequence on the timeline there will be a solid yellow render bar, including above the bad clips.  I can tell right away which clips are bad because the thumbnail picture in at the start of the clip will be solid red rather than showing the first frame.  I've tried rendering the timeline but that makes no difference.  I have tried opening just the bad clip in a new project and get the same result.


      If anyone has any ideas for what I might try to reveal the root cause of this problem I would really appreciate hearing them.  Could this possibly be a memory card problem??  When I play the video back in the camea all the clips play fine.  Perhaps something is being corrupted in the process of getting the video onto the computer??


      Could this possibly be a hardware problem of some sort, in which case I will ask over in the hardware forum??



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          This probably isn't going to solve your problem, but..  On my HDV Canon, on capturing if there is a dropped frame, the video of 15 frames (size of GOP) would be a solid red.  This is done by Premiere to give you the opportunity to razor the offending video out.


          Could the solid green be the color of choice for dropped frame AVCHD files?

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            jimclark1947 Level 1

            I played with it some more last night and found something interesting.  First off, I've only seen the green screen once that I can recall.  Red seems to be the most consistent indication of a problem.


            The software that came with my camera has a built in tool that I didn't find before.  It will analyze the clips you have downloaded to look for problems.  Turns out that when I run the analyzer it identifies the same clips that show up red when I import them to PPRO.  So the problem appears to be something going wrong in the process of getting them from the camera to the HDD.


            I will need to experiment with moving more files between the camera and the computer to see if I can find the cause of the problem.


            Thanks for the comments.