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    Tomcat under Eclipse doesn't see new SWF...


      I'm integrating a Flex app into an existing J2EE project (standard JSP pages) and here's the issue: when I mod a file in the Flex project and a new SWF gets generated, tomcat doesn't pick it up, and I have to manually Refresh the webapp project in Eclipse.  I'm sure it's just because I don't have things configured properly - I can't be the only stupe with this problem.  What's the best way to setup to integrate Flex/tomcat for debugging?


      Here's my setup:

      • Flex app and webapp are in separate Eclipse projects
      • I changed the Output Folder of the Flex Web Application to put the generated SWF into the webapp folder of the J2EE project.  Before I did that, I'd have to manually copy the SWF into the webapp.  (Of course, Eclipse/tomcat picks that up just fine.)
      • Eclipse nicely adds a <Context> for the J2EE project to server.xml under the Eclipse Servers folder.  I tried adding cachingAllowed="false" to the Context element, to no avail.


      Otherwise, everything works - I can hit breakpoints, etc. in the Flex.  I'm sure I'm just not taking the right approach to setting up - seems odd that I have to refresh the webapp in Eclipse.


      Thanks in advance for any help.