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    Systray icon in AIR strange bitmap problem

    pshtif Level 1

      Hi there i recently tried to have one of my apps docked to systray instead of taskbar so i've used pretty much the examples floating around and everything went smoothly except the icon itself. I used standard 16x16 png file and it got scrambled looks like each 4th line is shown or something like that. So i've tried with JPG and ended with pure code generated bitmap data but always with the same result. Here is a screenshot of my systray when using new BitmapData(16,16,false,0xFF0000) and assigning it to the bitmaps array of the icon.




      To the left is my AIR application icon which should be 16x16 sized red square however once again glitched. To the right is the classic gtalk icon.


      Everything else except the graphics itself works perfectly.


      Any ideas of whats going on? Or is this some kind of bug in the latest AIR? By the way i am using AIR 2.5


      Thank you.