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    Autocomplete issues


      I am not a developer or programmer and do not have full Adobe; just Reader and a user of forms from the web, fyi.


      When I open a PDF from the State gov website, it opens within Reader in the browser (do not have full version just reader).

      The forms all come in with the purple bar at top with "can't save data typed in this form, must print, blah blah..."


      I can type in data and print; all works fine as intended.

      However, we used to also be able to fill in these forms to print, and then later come back to same website/PDF and the autocomplete worked and previously entered (but not form save-able) field data was still there; e.g., start typing 4 and the previous zip codes with 4 came up, start typing M in the name field and the company name came up as an autocomplete option.

      Now nothing comes up as previous options to autocomplete.


      When I go to edit-preferences-forms, it is checked for all autocomplete, and internet browser options are set to remember forms in autocomplete also.


      However, Edit Entry List in Reader prefs is empty/grayed out.

      It will populate with what I do while in the browser and doing multiple tabs of same form, but not once I leave and return.  Back to nothing and grayed out again. It used to do this before, so it is possible; just don't know why it stopped doing it.  Can anyone else do it?


      Again, a user with Reader & gov forms only, not a developer or file host, so no way to program around it.


      It's a must for commonly entered fields (eg. company name, address, client names, addresses, descriptions, etc.)