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    Mac OSX 10.6.4 compatibility


      I have searched this and other forums to try and determine why Adobe does not offer a Reader-download for Intel OSX v 10.6.4.


      The most recent update is suggested for Intel OSX 10.5.6 - 10.6.3, and there the support ends, supposedly.


      I know Apple believes that the "Preview" program is sufficient, as it lets you read, search and print any PDFs, but it is by no means sufficient to handle more advanced options that sometimes comes with a PDF (aspx and other smartforms). The underlying problem may be the strategic positioning going on between Apple and Adobe on issues like Flash v. Quicktime. I bet technology columnists write about that on their blogs somewhere.


      I see some people are successfully running the Reader on their 10.6.4 machines, but they had the Reader installed before upgrading to 10.6.4.


      So, does anyone know:


      - may I safely download and install the reader version for OSX 10.6.3 even when I'm running OSX 10.6.4?

      - if yes, how can we tell Adobe to upgrade the version advice on the download page?

      - if no, what should I do (other than having to install a windows emulator on my Mac)?