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    Indesign Font Menu, customize names

    talltim1 Level 1

      Is there a script or something that would allow customization of font names in inedesign. For example, if I had a set of fonts that I only want our staff to use, can we put our company name on the font name to make sure so it won't get mixed up with similar named fonts!


      Regards, Tim

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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          It doesn't seem that way.

          This scriptlet will show the name of the first font in the Type -> Font -> .. list:



          fontMenu = app.menus[0].submenus.item("Type");
          alert (fontMenu.submenus[0].submenus[0].title);


          -- the first line grabs the menu named "Type" (in full, it's actually called "&Type" -- for Windows only -- but JS seems quite forgiving).

          The next line shows the 'title' of the first submenu of the first submenu; go ahead and count if that's right!


          This works to retrieve a font name, but unfortunately, the property 'title' is marked Read-Only so you cannot change it at will.

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            Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

            You can do this with a font editor -- for example, when I switched from Quark to InDesign I used FontLab to make the fonts we used in Quark compatible with InDesign, and I also changed their names.