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    Problem with Mental Ray with Sun and Sky and reflective materials




      I have made an outdoor scene in Maya 2011 consisting of a few buildings and some fields with surrounding trees to hide horizon line. I have used mental ray to light the scene so there is a physical sun and the sky looks realistic too. Also realistic shadows are cast over the scene making a very simple model (so it loads fast) look quite realistic.


      I export the scene and then convert to a w3d file using 3DS Max Design 2011 for use in Director but the sky and lighting does not appear.


      I have read elsewhere that the best option is to texture the model to include the shadows and such. However, I will be using animation on top of my scene and need shadows to be there, and moving with the animations.


      There is also some glass and water in the scene which reflects the scene in Maya but does not work in Director. And as the user will have control of the camera the reflection needs to show the animations as well as the scene.


      The mental ray effect and the use of reflections is of huge importance to my project and so any help or advice is much appreciated.


      Many Thanks